From Iceland — Nazi Acid Zombies Leave Icelandic Police Concerned

Nazi Acid Zombies Leave Icelandic Police Concerned

Published November 7, 2015

Ragnar Egilsson
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Local news outlet DV, enemies of corporate conflicts of interest and paragons of journalistic virtue, reports a wave of Nazi-themed hallucinogenics on the market that are causing erratic behaviour in those who ingest or handle the drug.

The Suðurnes Police Commissioner has reported that the tablets, which are stamped with swastikas, are sending users into a state of aggressive delirium and claims the Reykjavík City Police Department has been scrambling to contain the outbreak the past week. The story states that the Reykjavík Police Department has had to bring numerous people under medical supervision.

“The tablet causes strong hallucinogenic effects, and we have had numerous cases of users that have completely lost touch with reality and are a danger to themselves and others. We have warned our officers not to handle the tablets with bare hands. as the drug can easily be absorbed through the skin and lead to them experiencing effects,” the Police Commissioner warned during his Friday announcement.

Some dealers are marketing the pills as MDMA but the primary active ingredient would seem to be LSD.

According to a follow-up story from DV, the drug is currently available from social media drug vendors for as little as 2500 ISK a hit. So, it would seem that Iceland will be giving Miami a run for its money this weekend.

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