From Iceland — Airwaves Day One: Bass Religions

Airwaves Day One: Bass Religions

Published November 5, 2015

Gabrielle Motola
Photo by
Gabrielle Motola

I’m sitting at the breakfast table with three other laptops, one of which is mine. We’re all working. Mr. Silla plays on the stereo as we all type for our respective jobs. A bottle of Bulleit 95 Rye still sits on the table from last night. It was moderately consumed so all is well.

World's Smallest Hip flask

World’s Smallest Hip flask

After I pen this I’ll head to the pool to flush my system and prepare for another day of listening and watching and meeting and talking.

This is my third Airwaves and I’ve ‘relaxed’ considerably since my first. I only caught four shows last night. All at Harpa. The overwhelming theme for me was ‘religion & bass players’. Agent Fresco donned a “Christian Rock” attitude as my friend put it.  There was a lot of jumping around and posing which makes for better pictures. I’m not sure what it does for music. I’ve never seen a bass player upstage a lead singer so well.

Agent Fresco

When we walked into Junius Meyvant the sound was totally off. It sounded sinewy, bare. The parts sat in individual strands, his guitar nakedly plunked on top of it all rather than its usual silky blend. Like that Rye, it balanced out by the third song. Photographing musicians on stage appears limiting at times and then this happens. ‘Jesus Meyvant’.

Junius Meyvant

Vök are not only fun to watch but great to listen to. They have matured in the short year since I saw them last. If I could be in a band I’d be in Vök. Only I wouldn’t fit into their look. And I could never replace their drummer nor their bass player. Maybe I’d be their photographer. Ok their other photographer. I saw him shooting them from the pit with his iPhone and around the back of the stage. I tried to follow but I was stopped.

VökVök Vök

For the finale of the night we went mid gig (out of Fresco) to Tonik Ensemble. I heard one track of theirs a year or so ago and have been a fan since. They were downstairs playing to a packed house in Kaldalón. Why? Seemed like the wrong venue for such tunes. Those who could fit, danced.

Tonik Ensemble

I’m headed to the pool to schedule tonight’s rounds. It’s only day 2.

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