From Iceland — All You Need To Know About Surviving Iceland Airwaves In One Handy Guide

All You Need To Know About Surviving Iceland Airwaves In One Handy Guide

Published November 3, 2015

Rex Beckett
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Welcome to Iceland! You’ve just landed at Keflavík (or will very soon) and it’s (probably) your first time in Reykjavík, and you’re all like, “What the hell do I do now!?!” You’re probably so pumped up about all the Airwaves-ing you’re gonna get up to that you haven’t even started thinking about the daily basics. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


First things first: a good strong cup o’ Joe! Nothing happens without coffee around these parts. To blend in with the locals you’re gonna want to do double-shots on all your drinks and have at least four cups every day. Got it? Alright, now here are some foolproof places around town to caffeinate yourself. These guys make good coffee:

  • Reykjavík Roasters (Kárastígur 1, Brautarholt 1)
  • Stofan Café (Vesturgata 3)
  • Kigali Coffee & Snacks (Ingólfsstræti 8)
  • Mokka-Kaffi (Skólavörðustígur 3a)
  • Café Haiti (Geirsgata 7b)
  • Kaffitár (various locations)


Next you’re going to need some sustenance. You should start by stocking up on some basics at the Bónus grocery store (it’s got a bunch of locations, look for the crazy pig), or, if the situation is dire, at the 10-11 convenience mart. The latter is open 24/7, but the prices are steep, so go easy. Of course you’ll be frolicking about, so here are some places to stuff your face, helpfully broken down into categories.

  • Burgers: Búllan (Geirsgata 1, Burgerjoint), Block Burger (Skólavörðustígur 8, back entrance)
  • Pizza: Deli (Bankastræti 14), Pizza Royal (Hafnarstræti 18), Devito’s (Laugavegur 126)
  • Kebabs & Falafel: Mandi (Veltusund 3b), Kebab Grill (Lækjargata 10)
  • Vegetarian: Gló (Laugavegur 20b), Austurlanda-Hraðlestin (Lækjargata 8), Taquéria No Mames! (Ármúli 21)
  • Food Trucks: Shirokuma Sushi, Lobster Hut, Fish & Chips, Waffle Wagon (usually all stationed around Lækjartorg, late weekend nights only)


You’ve come here for a music festival so we know you’re not some philistine, and chances are you’re keen on cramming as much culture into your weekend as possible. The city’s nice compact size makes it quite easy to do, so you’re in luck. Here’s a few ways to enjoy the local spoils.

  • Art: Reykjavík Art Museum (three locations, check, Reykjavík Museum of Photography (Tryggvagata 15), i8 (Tryggvagata 16), Hverfisgallerí (Hverfisgata 4)
  • Shopping: Kiosk (Laugavegur 65), Aurum (Bankastræti 4), Reykjavík Record Shop (Klapparstígur 35), Lucky Records (Rauðarástígur 10)
  • Literature: Eymundsson (Austurstræti 18 and Skólavörðustígur 11), Reykjavík City Library (Tryggvagata 15)
  • Hot-tubbing like a pro: Sundhöll (Barónsstígur 45a), Vesturbæjarlaug (Hofsvallagata)


Now that you’re awake and full and culturally satiated, it is time to cut loose. For those who happen to be reading this prior to arriving in Reykjavík, if you plan on drinking or have a host to thank, go the airport Duty Free store. Go, now! It’s right at baggage claim, you can’t miss it. Seriously, hurry! We cannot stress this enough. You’ll save millions and millions of krónur. If you still need to get a bottle once you’re in town, the only place to buy booze is the state alcohol vendor (Vínbúðin) at Austurstræti 10a. Aside from the nice venues themselves, here are some choice places to enjoy a libation.

  • Beery goodness: Skúli Craft Bar (Aðalstræti 9), Kaldi Bar (Laugavegur 20b), Mikkeller & Friends (Hverfisgata 12)
  • Cocktail party: Slippbarinn (Mýrargata 2), Apótek (Austurstræti 16), BarAnanas (Klapparstígur 38)
  • Fun and dancing: Boston (Laugavegur 28b), Paloma (Naustin 1), Austur (Austurstræti 7)
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