From Iceland — GKR's 'Morgunmatur' Has Us Getting Up For The Right Reasons

GKR’s ‘Morgunmatur’ Has Us Getting Up For The Right Reasons

Published October 28, 2015

Haukur S. Magnússon
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How could you not love GKR? A 21-year-old rapper who uses music as a platform to ecstatically revel in the mundanity of daily Reykjavík life. Whose main hope is that whoever comes see him will “…realize that nothing really matters [so they may] escape their problems [and] just be who they are inside.” Whose gloriously sincere music is also inventive, and… catchy? How could you not love that?

And behold, GKR has stepped forth with yet another reason to love him. It is a music video, to a song called Morgunmatur (it means “Breakfast”), which he says is about “doing exactly what you want in life,” just having some breakfast and making the day your own.

Watch the video, and then scroll down to read what GKR has to say about the value of breakfast, Vesturbær-pride and his favourite Reykjavík pool.

GKR, still from 'Morgunmatur'. By GKR

What’s Morgunmatur about?
The song is about doing exactly what you want to in life, and not worrying about other things. You’ll feel better if you wake up knowing that the future is in your hands, that you’re chasing what you dream of being—rather than waking up all sour because you’re not getting up for for the reasons you really want to be getting up for.

You know, just have some breakfast and make the day yours.

Did you make the video yourself? What’s it about?
I directed it myself, edited and coloured, but Bjarni Felix Bjarnason served as assistant director, along with shooting the whole thing.

The video isn’t really about anything, because the song is fairly easy to understand by itself—the lyrics tell the story pretty well. I was more interested in getting good visuals, by working based on the colours I see and sense in the song.

How did you go on about shooting it?
It was just the two of us, Bjarni and me. I had a few locations in mind. We called everyone up a few days before the shoot and asked permission. Then I went and bought a yellow towel.

On the day of the shoot, we started in my mom’s kitchen (a beautiful kitchen), and then we headed up to the Hálsar neighbourhood, where all the buses are kept. We then finished the day at Laugardalslaug, where we had gotten permission to film after closing hours. Bjarni set up the lighting in every location, but otherwise we just went with the flow. It was a quick and fun process.

Then, it took me like three months to edit the video, colour it and do the FX work, as I did everything by myself.

Is Laugardalslaug your favourite pool? Do you go there a lot?
It’s not my favourite pool, even though it’s really beautiful and has its history. The thing is, I’m from Vesturbær, and everyone knows what the Vesturbær-pride is like… Vesturbæjarlaug is my clear favourite.

Do you make videos for other artists?
The next video I’m making is for a song by Lord Pusswhip and Mælginn. We’ve already shot it – I shot it all myself, and then I’m going to edit it and do something cool with it. I’ve not really made a lot of videos for others, but I’m definitely open to the idea. I’ve gotten some enquiries, but nothing has come of it yet.

When do we get a GKR full-length?
I first want to get used to the scene and this whole business a little better, before I consider releasing an album. However, when a GKR record drops, it’s going to be 100% for sure without a doubt my best work yet (until I make the next one). But, as I say, I want to get to know this business a little better before I do anything else.

GKR, still from 'Morgunmatur'. By GKR

GKR plays Húrra on Wednesday November 4 at 8:40, and on Sunday November 8 at 8:40.  He’s also playing a bunch of off-venue shows.

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