From Iceland — Pirate Party Largest In Reykjavík

Pirate Party Largest In Reykjavík

Published October 8, 2015

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Natsha Nandabhiwat

A new Gallup poll shows the Pirate Party has the most support of any party in Reykjavík City Hall, reflecting a similar trend at a parliamentary level.

Viðskiptablaðið reports that every party except for the Left-Greens and the Pirates lost support since the municipal elections of 2014.

The Pirate Party is currently polling at 27.5%, up from 5.9% during the elections. At the same time, the Left-Greens went from 8.3% to 11%

Where other parties were concerned, the Social Democrats now poll at 24.7%, down by about seven points from the elections. The Independence Party saw a dip of about two points, taking them to 23.4%. Bright Future took a hit from 15.6% to 8.1%, and the Progressives – who won 10.7% in the previous elections – has dropped all the way to 4.4%.

The number of seats in city council are expected to change from 15 to 23 seats for the 2018 elections. The current city hall majority – comprised of the Social Democrats, Bright Future, the Pirates and the Left-Greens – have nine of the current 15 seats, and would have 17 of 23 seats if elections were held today.

The Pirates’ polling in City Hall reflects a trend on a parliamentary level, where the party has been polling as the largest in Iceland for the past six months in a row.

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