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BREAKING: Cops Love Donuts

Published October 5, 2015

Photos by
Dunkin' Donuts Iceland Facebook page

The lines outside of Dunkin’ Donuts in Reykjavík have disappeared, save for one key demographic.

For most of the general public, the hype around Dunkin’ Donuts has calmed down, with the long lines vanishing within a couple weeks of the grand opening. However, one key demographic turned out in force last Friday.

“Okay. This just happened,” Dunkin’ Donuts in Reykjavík posted on their Facebook page. “We thought this only happened in movies. The holy trinty – cops, donuts and coffee. Enjoy!”

There is, though, a non-stereotypical reason for this many police officers assembled at a donut shop. Last Friday, dozens of police officers demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister’s office, just a few blocks away from Dunkin’ Donuts, as they have been unhappy with their collective bargaining terms (namely, their wages and their lack of a right to strike) for years now.

Media critic Egill Helgason, writing on his blog, pointed out that when he lived in New York, he once saw two NYPD cops buying chopped fruit as a snack. He reportedly asked the cops why they were not buying donuts, to which the cops replied that police do not eat donuts anymore.

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