From Iceland — Authors And Composers Protect Originality With Clichés And Yo' Mama Jokes.

Authors And Composers Protect Originality With Clichés And Yo’ Mama Jokes.

Published September 17, 2015

York Underwood

Yesterday, according to Vísir, the Icelandic Society of Authors and Composers (ISAC) posted a response on their Facebook page to the Pirate Party’s criticism of ISP’s blocking of The Pirate Bay and Deildu, torrent file-sharing sites. The ISAC criticized MPs,Helga Hrafn Gunnarsson and Birgitta Jónsdóttur, with harsh original incites–accusing the MPs of “biting the hand that fed them,” and reminding the MPs that they both had parents who received royalties from public broadcasting of their music. SNAP.

Not content to leave without a closing bit, ISAC drifted into edgy territory–comparing debating copyright with the Pirate Party to arguing with Islamic zealots about their belief in 72 virgins for martyrdom. The Pirate Party will surely think twice before confronting an organization with such creative caustic wit.

Non-authors and composers, peasants as they prefer to be called, didn’t get ISAC’s hackneyed humour, with many responding negatively to post. This resulted in the post being taken down, and an apology issued later that evening.

Maybe ISAC, being authors, could help us understand how this post came-to-be. The chairman of ISAC, Jakob Frímann Magnússon, and other ISAC board members are just returning from a pilgrimage to Graceland, legendary home of the nothing-but-original Elvis Presley. We don’t know who made the post on the ISAC Facebook page, but what would a person be doing while on a trip that could make them publish obnoxious and unlettered posts online, only to regret it later and apologize? Have we seen this sort of behaviour in the past? There must be some underlying human condition that explains this. Who would play this character if it was brought to film: Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, or Hulk Hogan?

Maybe an author could give us insight into such a unique display of character.

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