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Night Of The Flying Trampolines

Published September 9, 2015

Photos by
Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg

Last night’s high winds in the capital area created perfect conditions for multiple trampoline-related accidents, keeping rescue workers very busy.

“I believe the first dispatches have been due to trampolines,” Ólöf Snæhólm Baldursdóttir, a public relations representative for the Landsbjörg rescue squad, told RÚV. “They were up in trees, on cars, wrapped around light poles, and just all over and up on everything. It’s quite amazing. We could start calling this the yearly trampoline weather.”

In fact, Vísir reports that 50 rescue workers participated in operations last night, a great many of them trampoline-related.

Landsbjörg posted photos from some of their trampoline incidents, deeming last evening “the night of the flying trampolines”. They added that fortunately, no one had been injured by trampolines caught in high winds.

While trampolines are a summertime staple of many an Icelandic household, the coming of autumn is known for bringing with it exceptionally high winds. In the overlap between these two phases of the year, flying trampolines are not uncommon.

In fact, rescue workers issued a trampoline warning last month, urging the general public to take down and bring in their trampolines before autumn began in earnest. This plea apparently fell on deaf ears, at least in part.

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