From Iceland — Iceland More Secular Than Global Average

Iceland More Secular Than Global Average

Published August 27, 2015

Photo by
Ouicoude/Wikimedia Commons

Only about half of Icelanders define themselves as “religious”, well below the global average of a newly released Gallup poll.

According to the results of the poll, conducted across 65 countries, 63% of those polled around the world consider themselves religious, 22% said they were not religious, and 11% said they were atheist.

In Iceland, 51% said they were religious, 30% said they were not, and 14% said they were atheist.

The country with the most religious people in the world of those polled is Thailand, where 94% of respondents described themselves as religious. Following them in the top spots were Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia, Morocco and Fiji.

The least religious country in the world is China, where 61% of respondents identified as atheist. Following distantly behind were Hong Kong (34%) and Japan (31%). Amongst European countries, Sweden is the most irreligious, with 80% identifying as either not religious or as atheist.

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