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Vandals Hit Abandoned House

Published August 19, 2015

Photos by
Stefán Ingvar Guðmundsson

Vandals tagged an abandoned house of historic significance, leaving hurt feelings for locals.

The matter was first brought up in the Facebook group Bakland Ferðaþjónustunnar, with a post featuring multiple photos of graffiti work done on several parts of the house. The photos show graffiti done as recently as this year, with several more tags inside the house that appear to be older.

“This is probably insignificant in the eyes of some people, but places like this can have an emotional connection with people in the area,” photographer Stefán Ingvar Guðmundsson told RÚV, adding that the house – which is located in Snæfellsnes – has a special historic significance as well.

The house was the home of a family well known and liked to many living nearby, and there are in fact a couple well-known ghost stories that are also linked to the house.

If you are traveling around Iceland and spot an abandoned house such as this, refrain from tagging it – even if other people already have. Chances are, there is a reason why it has not been completely demolished, and is probably regarded as a living relic to people living in the area.

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