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Trampoline Warning In Effect

Published August 12, 2015

Photos by
Nayand/Wikimedia Commons

A local rescue squad has issued a warning to secure all trampolines in anticipation of Iceland’s notorious windy autumn weather.

Trampolines are a staple backyard accessory of many Icelandic households, enjoyed throughout the summer. However, the arrival of autumn in Iceland is known to come with sudden high winds, which can turn the otherwise harmless equipment into flying forces of mayhem and destruction. RÚV reports that the rescue squad Þorbjörn of Grindavík in southwest Iceland is advising the public to secure or put away their trampolines before disaster strikes.

“They have flown at cars and through windows,” Otti Rafn Sigmarsson, vice chairperson of the squad, told reporters. “They do a lot of unnecessary damage if people aren’t careful.”

The call for caution is prompted by the latest weather forecasts, which predict high winds through today and tomorrow.

“People are not prepared,” he said. “Right now, it’s actually high summer. People have their trampolines still in their yards. Maybe people aren’t expecting this kind of weather right now.”

If there’s a trampoline in your yard, it is advised that it be brought inside for the time being, or secured in some way to prevent it from taking off in the wind. Otherwise, this may happen to you:

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