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Truck Proves Entirely Too Big For Tunnel – VIDEO

Published July 22, 2015

A tractor trailer attempting to make it through Hvalfjörður Tunnel unscathed almost made it the whole way through without incident. Almost.

RÚV reports that the driver of a moving truck was making its way through the Hvalfjörður Tunnel without incident, up until the point it reached the tunnel’s end. At that point, its 4.2 metre height – well over the legal maximum for the tunnel – brought matters to their predictable end.

The driver reportedly voluntarily gave himself up to the truck company’s insurance company, and the police have not been immediately involved. However, there was only a small difference between an unfortunate miscalculation of height and what could have been a major pile-up in the tunnel – a centimeter or two more, and the clearance bar could have been completely severed, falling to the road.

Below you can watch security footage of the accident as it occurred.

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