From Iceland — Tourists Camping At Schools, In Parking Lots

Tourists Camping At Schools, In Parking Lots

Published July 11, 2015

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Jóna Dís Bragadóttir

Icelanders are discovering tourists camping out in places where such accommodation is not permitted, even in the best weather conditions.

MBL reports that the jogging club Morg­un­fugl­arn­ir were greeted by an unusual sight when they arrived at Krika­skóli school in Mosfellsbær yesterday morning to start their run. There, they found a large group of tourists laid out in their sleeping bags behind the school.

Krikaskóli vice principal Ágústa Óla­dótt­ir told reporters that this happened last year as well, albeit in heavy wind and rain. The weather has been quite fair in the area lately, though, so the impromptu camping came as a surprise to her.

“They have to be sent to a camping area,” she said. “This is completely baffling. The only thing that comes to mind is they don’t know where the camping area is.”

Jóna Dís Braga­dótt­ir, a resident of Mosfellsbær, was out driving when she noticed the sight shown in the photo above, in the parking lot of Varma sports centre. About 30 tourists were camping there, with three small buses. There is actually a camping area in the football field nearby, so why they were in the parking lot is a mystery.

Incidentally, if you are planning on camping anywhere in Iceland, there are numerous online resources you can turn to to find a site near you, including this one.

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