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Cabbies Might Be Talking About You On Facebook

Published June 28, 2015

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Hidden video recordings, copies of IDs and rumour-mongering are all being shared in a closed Facebook group for Icelandic cabbies.

MBL reports that the group, called Hreyfill-Bæjarleiðir (not in any way connected to the taxi company of the same name), is about 800 members strong. Therein, taxi cab drivers do much more than share route tips and complain about drunken weekend revelers.

According to MBL, many of the taxi drivers share videos they have taken of their customers which were recorded clandestinely. They have also distributed photos of customers and their IDs. One passenger was singled out for allegedly being HIV+, with other drivers warned to avoid the individual.

Charges have been filed against the group to the Data Protection Authority. A decision on the matter is still pending. There is no word yet if any of the cabbies involved have been confronted by their employers.

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