From Iceland — Bird-Flipping Bus Driver Still A Mystery

Bird-Flipping Bus Driver Still A Mystery

Published May 21, 2015

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Hörður Sveinsson

The bus driver who has repeatedly given Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson the finger has not been identified, nor has the bus company scolded its drivers to not flip off government officials.

Earlier this week, Bjarni told radio listeners that, on many occasions, he has been given the finger by a bus driver. The bird-flipping has always coincided with Bjarni emerging from the Government Offices, and the #12 bus driven by the driver arriving at Lækjartorg, across the street. Vísir reports that employees of municipal bus company Strætó have not issued any particular warnings to their employees not to give politicians the finger.

“Actually it’s not possible to find out how did this unless a formal description is filed,” Strætó department manager Júlía Þorvaldsdóttir told reporters. “A formal complaint has to be registered, which goes to the driver’s direct supervisor. I naturally cannot assess whether this particular individual has been taken aside.”

As reported, Bjarni recounted the bird-flippings, telling listeners, “I was coming out of the offices after the election. He was driving the #12, and felt the need to honk his horn and give me the finger. Some blond guy with long hair. I then saw him three times after government meetings, the #12 came and this guy with the finger.” He added that strangers will on occasion give him the finger in passing, “for reasons unknown”, at least to Bjarni.

Júlía did emphasise, however, that such behaviour from bus drivers is “unacceptable” and not at all encouraged.

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