From Iceland — Total Solar Eclipse Tomorrow Should Be Visible

Total Solar Eclipse Tomorrow Should Be Visible

Published March 19, 2015

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Luc Viatour/Wikimedia Commons

Tomorrow morning’s total solar eclipse should be fully visible in Iceland, at least in the capital area. Shortly thereafter, the groundbreaking of the Ásatrú temple will commence.

MBL reports that tomorrow morning’s weather forecast is particularly favourable for viewing the total solar eclipse, as cloud cover in the greater Reykjavík area is expected to be thin at the most. In fact, the eclipse should be visible pretty much everywhere in Iceland except the east and northeast, where conditions may be too cloudy to see the moon pass in front of the sun.

The eclipse, as observed from Iceland, is set to begin at 8:38 tomorrow morning, reaching its peak at 9:37 and finishing at 10:39. This will be the darkest eclipse Icelanders have witnessed in 61 years, and the next one won’t be due until 2026. Fortunately, there are quite few choice spots for watching the eclipse, although we advise you not stare directly at it without suitable eye protection.

Iceland’s pagans, the Ásatrú Society, will be celebrating the eclipse in their own way. The group will gather at Öskuhlíð hill and, at the start of the eclipse, light candles and perform a special blessing. A fire will be lit at the eclipse’s peak, and the groundbreaking for their new temple will be conducted shortly thereafter.

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