From Iceland — No One Wants To Fight Gunnar Nelson's Teammates

No One Wants To Fight Gunnar Nelson’s Teammates

Published February 10, 2015

Jón Benediktsson
Photo by
Nanna Dís

Members of Gunnar Nelson’s MMA club, Mjölnir MMA, have found it increasingly difficult to get opponents to fight them. Gunnar’s father and managing director of Mjölnir MMA, Haraldur Dean Nelson says on his Facebook page “Getting fights for our team Mjölnir MMA was a nightmare last year and even though shows are eager to have good fighters like we have on their card many gyms are just looking for easy and one-sided fights for their guys.”

He mentions that female fighter Sunna Rannveig Davíðsdóttir had five pullouts from accepted fights last year. Part of the problem is the cost of always having to travel abroad to compete “We are not just driving to the next town. We need to buy plane tickets for fighters and corner men and when you can’t buy those with good time in advance it is very expensive.” Haraldur further says on his Facebook page.

He ends the outburst with messages he’s gotten from promoters:

“Hi mate, struggling at the minute, all of clubs wont fight your guys haha”

“Yeah alot of other gyms are just asking for easy fights they wont fight anyone from your gym or any gym that has a good reputation”

“Yes bro. I know its crazy but just when i mention mjolnir its like the phoneline get cut!”

“Hi Halli a few other promoters have been asking about booking your guys but they run into the same problem as we when they mention Mjolnir. Other gyms don’t want to fight the vikings from Iceland”

“i really want your guys on my show but it very hard to get fighters to fight your team”

“hi Hali. I put this to a lot of gyms but even though they are asking for fights they wont fight your guys.”

“and every gym ive talked to seems to be just looking for easy fights or at least scared shitless of the vikings from Mjolnir”

“yes that club had 2 fighters looking for fights but they just wont accept fighting your guys. no balls they just run scared”

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