From Iceland — VIDEO PREMIERE: Grísalappalísa—Sambýlismannablús

VIDEO PREMIERE: Grísalappalísa—Sambýlismannablús

Published February 5, 2015

Hey everyone! Our dear friends from Grísalappalísa have just released a new video, and it is glorious. Not in a fireworks-and-Northern-Lights kind of way, no, these guys are way too cool for such stunts—instead this new video is, for all intents and purposes, wonderfully mundane.

This rock anthem is the first track on the band’s 2014 album ‘Rökrétt framhald,’ and it realistically depicts the commonplace relationship between two flatmates that divide their chores and care for each other. Fittingly, the video depicts two guys having coffee, driving around town, and going for a swim in the ocean. Exciting? Hardly, but it is honest, a stark contrast to the band’s explosive stage presence (for which we picked them as the BEST LIVE BAND OF 2013).

The music video is shot entirely on an iPhone 6 and two Go-Pro cameras, and has a very DIY-vibe to it. It is directed by the band’s drummer, Sigurður Möller Sívertsen, who also directed the video for “Hvar er ég?”

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I finally caught indie supergroup Grísalappalísa live a few weeks ago and it’s safe to say I was enthralled. The post-punk grooves are tight like a rope and the commanding stage presence of frontman duo Gunnar Ragnarsson and Baldur Baldursson is unparalleled…

grisa_stud7inchGrísalappalísa: Get Behind Me, Stuðmenn!

Grísalappalísa, just unleashed a cover of a tune by Stuðmenn – Iceland’s favourite pop band. The song in question, “Strax í dag,” is goddamn great, and seeing how they are playing a show with Icelandic music’s poet laureate Megas today at Gamla Bíó…

All The Rage Grísalappalísa by Magnús Andersen 1All The Rage

Emerging upstairs at Faktorý for the Grísalappalísa album release concert was like entering a man cave: hazy lights, musky smells and low growls issued from the front of the room.

Ps. We have it on good authority that astute viewers might be able to catch a glimpse of the band’s ideological godfather. Let us know if you spot him somewhere.

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