From Iceland — Pantless Cat Burglar Still On The Prowl

Pantless Cat Burglar Still On The Prowl

Published January 26, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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The pantless cat burglar who stole 3 Bengal cats from a cat breeder last week remains uncaught, reports RÚV.

At first it was believed that 4 cats were stolen but one of the cats – a male by the name of Kiss Me – was found over the weekend. It seems that the frightened Kiss Me managed to hide while the other cats where taken.

As reported, someone broke into the Nátthaga Bengalkettir cat enclosure and stole a cage and four cats. In the midst of the cat burglar’s escape however, the get-away car got stuck in a snowbank and the thief used a bra and a pair of sweatpants to give the wheels enough traction to escape.

Cat breeder, Ólafur Sturla Njálsson, says he has called everyone he can think of with the hopes of tracking the cats down but that so far he’s been out of luck. As the thief knew precisely where to look, where the cats were kept and did not steal any other valuables, Ólafur believes the cat thief might be someone he is familiar with.

Ólafur has promised not to press charges so long as the person who stole the cats returns them safely.

“I only ask of the person who did this, whether it was one person or more, to return the cats in one piece. There will be no consequences,” said Ólafur who described the theft as an attack on his soul. “Best just to leave them in a moving box on the floor of my shed and send me an sms to fetch them on 698-4840.”

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