From Iceland — Swan Blown Onto Roof In Storm

Swan Blown Onto Roof In Storm

Published January 20, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Óskar Eiríksson/Vísir

Terrible wind conditions yesterday blew a swan onto a garage roof in Hafnafjörður, reports Vísir.

“The garage is surrounded by trees so he must have just been blown onto the roof,” said homeowner, Óskar Eiríksson. “There’s no other way he could have gotten up there.”

The swan walked in circles on the roof for over an hour, seemingly stuck and unable to take off again.

“After he’d been stuck up there and circling the roof for a long while, probably about an hour after my wife had noticed him in the first place, he worked up the nerve to jump and take off through the trees,” said Óskar. “We had the fire department on the phone when he finally manned up. How he ended up on the garage roof remains a mystery though because it’s a really tight space.”

The swan is presumed unharmed, going about his business.

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