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Police App Will Speed Up Law Enforcement

Published December 28, 2014

In recent months, police units have been testing a custom-made tablet computer app, for registering offences, filing reports and more.

Interviewed by mbl.is, superintendent Árni E. Albertsson says that the equipment will accelerate police work and increase the efficiency of units. Officers on the streets will, for example, not need to use radio equipment to retrieve information about suspects. This means, the superintendent says, that an officer can make a driver pull over, say for speeding, look the person up in the Police database, file a report, issue a fine and release the person, all within the scope of five minutes.

The equipment will also, reportedly, increase security, since photographs of most any suspects can be retrieved through the app: The Police database, to which the app connects, includes portrait photographs of all authorized drivers.

According to the superintendent, the Police app has astonished some of his colleagues in the other Nordic countries. Currently, three cars in rural areas are testing the system. Gradually, a Police app-equipped tablet is intended to become standard in all police cars in the country.

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