From Iceland — Stúfur Considering Legally Changing His Name

Stúfur Considering Legally Changing His Name

Published December 14, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
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K-Fai Steele

The third Yule Lad, Stúfur (Stubby), known for his short stature, is considering legally changing his name.

“Would you want to be called Stúfur?” said the Yule Lad in an interview with the Grapevine. “Besides it’s got nothing going for it, no flare, no pizazz. What I need is name that really sets off my personality. A name that really showcases who I am inside.”

Stúfur lists names like, Storm, The Fist and Big Money Balla as possible contenders.

“He’s crazy,” said Stúfur’s brother and fellow Yule Lad, Stekkjastaur. “No one is going to call him ‘The Fist’. He keeps trying to make it stick by banging his fist down on the table when he makes a point. It’s got to stop.”

Stúfur will be swinging by Iceland’s National Registry Office today to fill out the necessary forms to change his name and assumes that the Icelandic Naming Committee will approve of his choice.

“I’m a little worried they might not accept The Fist, or Big Money Balla,” said Stúfur. “Especially since they didn’t accept Harriet. I think my best bet is Storm. But I have to hold out hope you know? And who knows? If my name’s legally changed then everyone will have to call me The Fist next Christmas.”

Iceland’s naming laws have come under increasing fire over recent years, with former Reykjavík mayor even posting about them on his Facebook page: “It’s just an unfair, stupid law against creativity.”

If you or your family would like to meet Stúfur a.k.a The Fist, he will be making his annual visit to the National Museum of Iceland at 11 am today.

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