From Iceland — Julien Blanc Workshop Probably Canceled

Julien Blanc Workshop Probably Canceled

Published November 26, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Julien Blanc's Twitter (since deleted)

A three-day “Dating” Bootcamp by controversial Pick Up Artist, Julien Blanc, due to be held in Iceland next year, has most likely been cancelled, reports Vísir.

The workshop – as well as a course planned in Sweden – has been removed from the overall schedule on organiser Real Social Dynamics’ website.

As reported, news of Blanc’s course in Iceland prompted mass protest from the public with over 11.000 people signing an online petition to stop Blanc from entering the country.

Icelandic comedian and cartoonist, Hugleikur Dagsson, proposed an alternative approach, saying the country should welcome him rather than martyr him, then proceed to treat him the way he treats women.

I’m now speaking to the men of Iceland: It’s time we use our privilege for good. Chauvinists like this creature are almost without exception homophobic. They fear nothing more than someone treating them like they treat women.

I say we hit on Julien Blanc. Every single one of us.

If we see him in the street, we’ll give him a wink. Whistle at him. If we meet him at a bar, let’s pinch his ass. Blow him a kiss. I urge every male reporter to stroke his thighs while interviewing him. I urge every large man to tell him what a purdy mouth he has. I urge every male bartender to whisper in his ear how much they want to be inside of him.

Despite efforts to contact a representative of Real Social Dynamics, Vísir has been unable to confirm for certain that the lecture has been cancelled.

The collective melancholy howls of Icelandic fedora-wearing Neckbearders will haunt the bleak winter night tonight. This journalist recommends you ignore them.

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