From Iceland — Pu$$y, Money, Guns

Pu$$y, Money, Guns

Published November 9, 2014

Lord Pu$$whip makes good music. But, is it a joke?

Rebecca Scott Lord
Photo by
Saskia Vallendar

Lord Pu$$whip makes good music. But, is it a joke?

Lord Pu$$whip brought the gangsta life to Reykjavík last at Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn. He did this in a truly Icelandic fashion: via styrofoam pistols and fake ISK bills. I mean, maybe I’m prejudiced to think that all Nordic rap is funny rather than serious and worthy of merit, but the fake guns and money seemed to reflect the level of realness brought by Pu$$whip and band.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an unenjoyable set, musically speaking. I was dancing to the droning rhymes Pu$$whip threw out there and beats courtesy of a drummer wearing a black balaclava and white tank top. Lots of other people were dancing too. But as soon as the balaclava clad dude pulled out the duffel bag full of the aforementioned bills and guns, I had to take a break to laugh a bit. Maybe that’s their intention, to poke some fun at the ridiculousness of trying to emulate the thug life when clearly Iceland is a country where there are no thugs. At least not the kind of thugs who actually own pistols and have bloody gang battles. Since I can’t understand Pu$$whip’s lyrics, I have no idea how serious he’s being. But I met his mom after the show and she was really nice. It’s nice to have a mother’s support like that.

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