From Iceland — Wachs Love Got To Do With It

Wachs Love Got To Do With It

Published November 6, 2014

Vorhees to play debut Iceland shows at Airwaves '14

Vorhees to play debut Iceland shows at Airwaves '14

Vorhees is Dana Wachs, a New York City based sound designer and engineer who has worked for the likes of Cat Power, MGMT, M.I.A., Lykke Li, and St. Vincent to name but a few. She has a special connection to Iceland via her relationship with the band múm. We caught up with her ahead of her debut Icelandic show this evening at Airwaves to find out more.

Hi Dana, could you introduce yourself and your project to everyone?
This is Dana Wachs and I perform solo under the name Vorhees. Hello.

Is this your first time in Iceland, or playing Airwaves? How did it come about?
I’ve been to Iceland twice before under the guise of my day job as a “sound engineer”. Both times I was operating sound for the Icelandic band múm, but this is my first time performing here. Having been to Airwaves last year, and during an encouraging and productive year of touring, I applied to perform and was happily invited. I must also admit a secondary motive to apply – the initial lineup announcement caught my eye, and combined with the possibility of being reunited with all my lovely friends, it was too tempting to not apply.

Airwaves seems to hold a special place in many artists and festival-goers hearts, why do you think this might be?
Having traveled a good majority of the world, I can honestly say that Iceland is like no other place I’ve ever been to. Obviously, the natural attributes and cityscape are very unique and quite beautiful, but the festival itself carries an unusual trait of camaraderie that is palpable on every street traveled. I felt a real sense of joy in every off-venue and showcase I attended, and happily gave myself to the experience. Looking forward to losing myself in this atmosphere again.

Do you have plans to go out into the countryside while you’re here? Anything special on the wish list?
I am staying over a couple extra days and would love to travel outside of Reykjavik again… the more remote, the better. Why? Do you have a car?

Any special tips from you on acts playing the festival, Icelandic or incoming, new or old, or all of the above?
Go to a swimming pool. Don’t lose your gloves. Do try Brennivín. Don’t drink too much Brennivín. Buy me a Brennivín.

Do you have a track of video of your own that you’d like to show here? And what’s the story of this piece?
This is a video lookbook from the (now defunct) fashion line Somnus by Marcella Mullins and Lily Ludlow. The director, Allen Cordell, asked me to compose the soundtrack but ended up using an existing track of mine, “Condensor”, before I had a chance to score a note. I improvised the piece in one take, recording straight into the microphone of my first laptop. Listen to the struggling processor fan whirr….it was 2003 I think.

And the most important piece of advice you have for getting through this 5-day party?
Stay hydrated.

Add Vorhees on Facebook here, and see her perform at the following places:

November 6: Ísafold Bistro at 16:45
November 7: Bíó Paradís 16:15
November 8: Harpa Kaldalón 20:50


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