From Iceland — The Unmissables: Day 2

The Unmissables: Day 2

Published November 6, 2014

Grapevine Recommends...

Parker Yamasaki

Grapevine Recommends...

Your face is turning yellow and it’s not from all the Gull, it’s from staring at that goddamn (glorious) Thursday schedule. Before they rush you off to Landspítali Háskólasjúkrahús, may we first recommend a healthy dose of…

If you are a loyal little Grapevine reader you may recognize this name from a past article featuring this all-girl rap collective. If you’re a local then chances are you know someone in this group with upwards of twenty members, so you should definitely come support. If you’re visiting, the show is totally worth going to just to hear them rap in Icelandic. Fucking frigid.

Harpa Kaldalón
For the intellectual, the curious, and the just plain burnt out. Sjón is an accomplished novelist and poet with a healthy infatuation with David Bowie. In the Eighties Sjón helped form the surrealist group Medúsa which holds a major presence in Iceland’s literary scene. His performance is part of the one-night literary offshoot of Airwaves, Airwords. You’ll leave this performance with something stuck to your brain rather than the bottom of your boots.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Gamla Bió
Since this is an international festival we thought it made sense to throw in a band with a song dedicated to Vegemite. It’s called Vegemite, and its chorus goes “Vegemite…I like…Vegemite…” and so on. And you know what? It actually works. Which proves just how cool this Aussie band actually is.

Gamla Bió
You’ve been growing your hair out for thirteen years, ignoring your mother’s pleas to ‘please look presentable for the cousins,’ and your employer’s threats to clean up or get out. And for what. For what??? For this. Muck is on the scene tonight to give you something to thrash your long tangled locks to. Basically they’ve come to validate your existence.

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