From Iceland — The Unmissables: Day 1

The Unmissables: Day 1

Published November 5, 2014

Grapevine Recommends...

Parker Yamasaki

Grapevine Recommends...

So it’s 4 degrees and raining, but the weather outside is mild compared to the raging fucking whirlwind that is scheduled to hit Reykjavík tonight. I’m sure you get the joke, but it’s called Airwaves. And it is forecasted to be unavoidably awesome. Now we don’t want you to get caught like an old lady with a broken umbrella when the gale-force winds start rolling in. Here, here let us help you with that…

DJ Flugvél og Geimskip
They say if you’re hungover then the only cure is another beer. All the same, if you’re feeling jet-lagged, the only cure is DJ Flugvél og Geimskip. Using her sickadelic (that’s ‘sick’ and ‘psychedelic,’ if you’re wondering) style and a keyboard she’ll spin you round and vault you straight into the cosmos. Why come down now?

Lay Low
Harpa Norðurljós
If you do need to come down, then may we recommend the comfortable lap of Lay Low. Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúndóttir, alter-ego LAY LOW, can actually sing a room warm. Her voice is rich and sweet, and her performances are often described as nothing less than a profound experience. At 23:20 Lay Low could be a cozy cool-down for the night. Yeah, okay. Make that, a warm starter for the night.

If you have seen videos of the recently popular dance style “popping,” you might begin to understand Ghostigital. Popping is a grotesquely graceful mix of ballet, hip-hop, and contortionism, where dancers look like they are literally breaking their bones to achieve unnatural angles. Ghostigital has nothing to do with this dance craze, but they evoke the same sort of twisted and confused beauty in those who watch. Frontman Einar Örn and producer Curver Thorrodssen form this duo that will make you want to use every joint in your body to dance and thrash and dance until you are all gnarled up inside. In a good way.

Lára Rúnars
Harpa Norðurljós
Lára Rúnars is a pinstripe. Her voice can be calmly layered on top of nearly any colour of tune—from dark and synthy to super bright and poppy—and the product will turn out a little bit smoother, a bit more sophisticated. Lára is a Reykjavík local who can send out a concentrated beam of energy over a sea of eager ears. Like the Grotta Lighthouse on Seltjarnarnes. But more charasmatic.

FM Belfast
Gamla Bió
If Lára sings like a pinstripe then FM Belfast dances like a polka dot. This Reykjavík Quartet (give or take a few members, of course, this is Reykjavík) is known for their playful and outgoing stage presence. Performances often include but are not limited to colourful disco lights, smoke, and lots and lots and lots and lots of confetti. The only reason you shouldn’t go see FM Belfast play is if you have two broken knees, because it is actually not possible to see them live and not feel like jumping.

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