From Iceland — 110 Earthquakes In 24 Hours

110 Earthquakes In 24 Hours

Published October 25, 2014

Bárðarbunga Stays Strong

Haukur Már Helgason
Photo by
Axel Sigurðarson

Bárðarbunga Stays Strong

Vísir reports that, during 24 hours from Friday morning to early Saturday, 110 earthquakes were measured in and around Bárðarbunga. Seven of those measured at or over magnitude 4 on the Richter-scale. The biggest in the series was of magnitude 5.2 shortly before two o’clock Saturday morning. Bárðarbunga has been in eruption for close to two months now, or since August 29th.

Twenty minor earthquakes were measured around mount Herðubreið, none over magnitude 2.

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