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Published October 22, 2014

Indeed, WTF?

Indeed, WTF?

Alright. So this surveillance video from the Höfðatorg parking garage in Reykjavík has been making the rounds in Iceland and across the greater internet today, after the garage’s custodian, Albert Guðbrandsson, uploaded it to YouTube (having resisted the urge for an entire three years – now that’s some willpower!). In the video, we can see… um… well. Yeah. No idea what’s going on there.


The video was caught at around midnight in July of 2011. RÚV notes that the driver was made to pay for the damages he caused to the garage’s gate, and that police were involved in the aftermath. Thankfully, nobody was injured in this surreal course of events.

So, what’s going on there? What’s motivating the driver? Where are his clothes? Why does he hate that gate so much? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

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