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Iceland Gets Closer To 330,000 Mark

Published October 22, 2014

Photos by
Matthew Eisman

Iceland’s population reached 328,170 at the end of the third quarter of the year, increasing by over a thousand in just three months.

Statistics Iceland reports that there are more men than women in Iceland, at 164,710 and 163,460 respectively, and over two-thirds of the total population – or 210,660 people – live in the capital area alone.

23,840 people living in Iceland are foreign citizens, with 860 more foreigners entering the country than leaving it, and 400 more Icelandic citizens leaving the country than moving to it.

The vast majority of Icelanders who left the country went to somewhere else in Scandinavia, with Denmark, Norway and Sweden being the most popular destinations for 1,120 of the 1,460 Icelanders who moved away. Where foreign citizens are concerned, most of them – 210 in all – went to Poland. Interestingly, these other countries were the top points of origin for Icelanders and foreigners moving to Iceland as well.

1,200 children were born in the previous three months, against 510 individuals who passed away. Adding on the 420 increase in people who moved to Iceland during this same period, Iceland’s total population increased by 1,130 in the past three months alone.

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