From Iceland — Pirate MP Defies ISNIC By Opening

Pirate MP Defies ISNIC By Opening

Published October 21, 2014

ISNIC replies: Pulling down this domain would not serve its business interest

ISNIC replies: Pulling down this domain would not serve its business interest

Pirate MP Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson registered the domain Guð, translatable as, to point out what he claims is mistaken reasoning behind ISNIC’s closure of the Islamic State’s .is domain. Vísir quotes Helgi Hrafn as saying: “I wanted to show that if people wanted to refer to the country’s legislation as grounds for banning certain domains, they must realize that incredible things are forbidden in this country, for example blasphemy.”

In its current form the website merely quotes the penalty law article on blasphemy: “Whoever publicly mocks or derides articles of faith or divine worship of a religious group legally registered in this country shall face fines or imprisonment for up to 3 months.”

Helgi Hrafn claimed that blasphemy is forbidden merely because it insults people. He said that he does not believe in the right not to be insulted. “The law against blasphemy are a symptom of this country’s thoughtlessness towards the freedom of expression,” he said.

The Alþingi member says he does not criticize ISNIC for the closure of the Islamic State’s domain, as such, but for the rationale given for the decision. He says that he agrees with certain limits on the freedom of expression, such as when it infringes on the right to privacy. He says that he would raise no objections if ISNIC simply said they would not do business with criminal organizations.

ISNIC’s lawyer, Steindór Dan Jensen, has responded and said that ISNIC will not close Helgi Hrafn’s domain as that would not serve ISNIC’s business interests.

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