Check Out Our Fancy Airwaves 2014 Compilation!

Check Out Our Fancy Airwaves 2014 Compilation!

Published October 13, 2014

Hey folks! It’s Iceland Airwaves time yet again. With 219 artists performing, we didn’t feel right just picking one for our track of issue, so we instead reached out to a shitload of bands performing and made this playlist for you all. With 58 contributing artists, the list clocks in at just over four hours, and you can download the whole thing for free here (that’s a torrent file, which means you’ll need a torrent programme, such as μTorrent). Check it out!

kimono – Spectres
Lily the Kid – PEDRO
Berndsen – Game of Chance
Védís – White Picket Fence
Kira Kira – Hamar
Epic Rain – Raking Dust
Cell7 – Gai Pon Di Scene
Úlfur Úlfur – Tarantúlur
Reykjavíkurdætur – Reykjavíkurdætur
Stereo Hypnosis – Hypnogogia
Oyama – Everything Some of the Time
Mafama – Sonny
Himbrimi – Highway
The Walking Who – With Roses
Muck – Here Comes The Man
Elín Helena – Listamaður
Strigaskór nr. 42 – Hellmut
Svartidauði – Venus Illegitima
Beneath – Mass Extinction Codex
Kontinuum – Í huldusal
Momentum – Metamorphose
Dimma – Andsetinn
Vio – You Lost It
Rökkurró – Killing time
Hafdís Huld – Queen Bee
Oddur – Hugarflug
Steinar – Lie To Me
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl – Swing Ding
Atónal Blús – Apolelegy
Ourlives – A Sight To See
DaDa – Micro Piano
Black Bananas – Powder 8 Eeeeeeeeight
Benny Crespo’s Gang – Birthmark
Embassylights – Cold Skin
Vorhees – Black Horse Pike
Just Another Snake Cult – Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere?
Krakkkbot – Children of Tomorrow – Dying Today
Good Moon Dear – Again
Auxpan – Long Spline Miter Joint 1
Exos – Downdriver
LaFontaine – Sylvia
AMFJ – Sök
Leaves – Parade
East Of My Youth – Lemonstars
Árstíðir – You Again
Íkorni – Nose
Geislar – Stone Cold Stone
Halleluwah – Blue Velvet
CeaseTone – Remedy
Boogie Trouble – Augnablik
Hide Your Kids – MIA
Lindy Vopnfjörð – Lover Sister
Einar Indra – Mistery Man
Nolo – Passion
Prins Póló – París Norðursins
Sindri Eldon – Giving Up Giving Up
M-BAND – All Is Love
Pétur Ben – Kings of the underpass


Mass – Numbing
Ylja – Light as Stone
In The Company Of Men – Steini Milljón
Lára Rúnars – Svefnengill
Rúnar Þóris – Sérhver Vá

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