From Iceland — Civil Protection: Potentially Fatal To Ignore Closed Area Warnings

Civil Protection: Potentially Fatal To Ignore Closed Area Warnings

Published September 21, 2014

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Axel Sigurðarson

Civil Protection in Iceland would like to remind the general public that illegally entering the eruption area could be dangerous or even fatal.

RÚV reports that the tracks of at least six separate interlopers were found entering the cordoned-off area surrounding the Holuhraun eruption. Víðir Reynisson of Civil Protection in Iceland wants to remind people that the area is closed off for a reason.

“This is the most dangerous place in Iceland,” he told reporters. “We have to ask people to just think before they go out and do something [like this].”

Víðir points out that poisonous SO2 gas emanating from the eruption has littered dead birds around the area. Furthermore, volcanoes are highly unpredictable. As the chances of an eruption are increasing, anyone in the area might find themselves caught completely off guard by sudden activity, whether in the form of a magma or ash eruption, or a flash flood from melting glacial water. Not even rescuers may be able to reach those trapped in time.

The Grapevine advises readers to respect the fact that our volcano scientists know what they are doing – if an area is closed off, turn around and go back. Apart from risking a heavy fine, violators may end up paying the ultimate price for a photograph.

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