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Trade Unions Very Critical Of New Budget Bill

Published September 17, 2014

Photos by
Maria Alva Roff

The Confederation of Icelandic Labour Unions (ASÍ) has released a statement saying there is “no foundation for further discussion” with the government if their new budget bill passes.

The statement, posted on ASÍ’s website, calls the new budget bill “an attack on working people”, saying that the Central Committee of the labour union was “deeply disappointed” with the proposals in the budget.

“[The Central Committee] believes there is no basis for continued cooperation with the government if the budget bill becomes law,” the statement reads in part.

ASÍ’s criticisms are numerous. They are particularly dissatisfied of the proposed raising of food tax, the shortening of the long-term unemployment benefits period, and the many proposed cuts to or neglect of areas of the social welfare system, such as health care, education and housing.

“The actions of the government call upon ASÍ members to prepare for more heated conflict over the collective bargaining agreement than we have seen in decades,” ASÍ states. “Under these circumstances, the labour movement must pull itself together.”

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