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Holuhraun Still Going Strong, Could Last All Year

Published September 1, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Jarðvísindastofnun Háskólans

The Holuhraun eruption, which began again yesterday with magma plumes as high as 60 metres, is going strong and might see out the year, reports RÚV.

“The eruption is comparable to the one we saw from Krafla [in 1975],” said volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson. “At first there was just a tiny eruption then the eruptions got gradually larger as time passed. It’s possible that this event will last until the end of the year, possibly into some of next year as well.”

Seismic activity continues at Vatnajökull though none topped a magnitude of 4.9 yesterday, presumably because the eruption has alleviated some of the built up pressure.

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