Icelandic Burger Joint "Best In London"

Icelandic Burger Joint “Best In London”

Published August 27, 2014

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Sara Riel

Just two short years after opening up shop in London, the Hamborgarabúllan franchise was chosen by the Independent as the best in the city.

After sampling many of the city’s numerous burger joints, and rating them both on their food and atmosphere, the Independent chose Tommi’s, as Hamborgarabúllan is known there, to be well ahead of the pack.

“Although it looks like a cartoon hamburger, possibly from a tray carried by J. Wellington Wimpy, Tommi’s is currently producing the best patties in London,” the review reads in part. “In some ways it’s like something your dad would produce at a barbecue, if he spent endless summers out there in the rain honing it to perfection. … Succeeds where many others in London fail by not trying too hard. It’s a burger, not a fillet steak and Tommi’s knows this, taping a few Sopranos posters to the walls, stringing up a couple of sets of fairy lights, writing the specials on some cardboard and calling it a day. There’s something very casual and humble about the restaurant, queues rarely reach the street and there isn’t a hashtag in sight. The most authentically American burger joint you’ll find in London (even if it is run by Icelanders).”

As reported in 2012, Tómas A. Tómasson, the founder and owner of the franchise, told reporters that the menu in London would remain the same as it is in Iceland.

Hamborgarabúllan has been repeatedly chosen as Reykjavík’s best burger as well, making it now the top burger joint in two world capitals.

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