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Nói Síríusly Looking For Candy Tasters

Published August 22, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Nói Síríus Facebook Page

Icelandic candy manufacturer Nói Síríus is searching for volunteers for a “tasting panel” for the company’s product development department.

The tasters chosen would be sent new candy prototypes and asked to mark them, to help Nói Síríus decide which products should make it into production.

In the past few years 40-50 families have been sent these prototypes to try out but the company has now decided to expand the testing group and advertised the position on Facebook.

Nú vantar okkur aðstoð ykkar, kæru vinir 🙂 Nói Síríus er með hóp fólks á sínum snærum í svokölluðum bragðpanil, þar sem…

Posted by Nói Síríus on Fimmtudagur, 21. ágúst 2014

Vísir reports that within 20 minutes 514 people had volunteered and at time of writing over 1.300 people had commented on the post, some even composing poetry to impress upon the candy company the reasons for their tasting aptitude.

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