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Track Review: HIMBRIM – Running In Circles

Published August 9, 2014

Photos by
Árni Beinteinn

There’s not an immediately auspicious start to ‘Running In Circles’, the first track from electronica-upstarts HIMBRIM. After all, stuttering synths and echo-laden, back-spun vocal lines have undergone a little bit of a resurgence since Disclosure’s garage-nodding house became dance’s next big thing. However, these first impressions of ‘Running In Circles’ are completely unfounded.

Things get interesting as soon as the impressive vocals of HIMBRIM’s two lead singers come in. Wrapping the un-fazed vocals of ambient acts like The XX with the emotive soulfulness of the acid-house and madchester classics of old,  the sounds of ‘Running In Circles’ perfectly mimics the sensual and surreal cinematography in its ambitious music video. It’s all just very carnal and physical as HIMBRIM sing of learning to love and craving the touch of their lovers.

It’s when ‘Running In Circles’ erupts into its chorus that things get really interesting, however. A fiery trap-hihat infused four on the floor beat powers things along, with an emotive and memorable vocal hook declaring that it “ain’t easy running ’round” making this a track that you can go back to ad infinitum. It’s catchy, sing-along electronica, and most importantly a well-meaning tribute to the dance classics of old that would have you a sweaty mess, pulling grotesque faces, grinding on people you’ve ‘known’ for four minutes and inhaling plant-dust or whatever you could get your hands on.

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