From Iceland — Kjörís Makes Breast Milk Ice Cream

Kjörís Makes Breast Milk Ice Cream

Published August 6, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Alísa Kalyanova

Curious ice cream connoisseurs will get the chance to taste some breast milk ice cream on Hveragerði’s Ice Cream Day, reports Vísir.

The ice cream, called búbís (pronounced “boobies”), will be created by one of Iceland’s largest ice cream manufacturers, Kjörís.

“It’s just a regular ice cream,” Kjörís director, Guðrún Hafsteinsdóttir said. “Except instead of the milk coming out of a cow, it’s come out of a human woman.”

The idea for making ice cream out of breast milk was born out of a prank.

“[A radio host called me pretending] to want to donate her breast milk to make ice cream,” said Guðrún. “I took to it immediately and thought it was a fantastic idea. When it came to light that this was one of those prank phone calls I told the radio people that they shouldn’t have gotten me worked up like that [and started working on the project immediately].”

The breast milk – which has been pasteurised – has been sourced from a number of new mothers from Hveragerði who volunteered their milk for the endeavour. Hveragerði is a town in the south of Iceland located 45 km to the east of Reykjavík.

The ice cream day event in Hveragerði will be held on August 16 from 13:00-16:00, and  will offer up a number of experimental flavours including Royal Caramel Pudding flavour, Cottage Cheese, and Harðfiskur (traditional Icelandic dried fish) ice cream.

Note: The man pictured above is not actually eating búbís breast milk ice cream. He is simply a happy man with gelato from Valdís

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