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Illegal Weapons For Sale On Facebook

Published July 17, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Facebook Compilation by Vísir

Knives, machetes, shotguns and police bats are among the items listed for sale in a newly uncovered secret Facebook group, reports Vísir.

The group, “Littla vopna síðan” (Little Weapons Page) has more than 250 members though the majority do not use Facebook accounts featuring their real names.

While the page features inquiries about the availability of certain items as well as the sale of illegal weapons, it is difficult to scope the extent of the trade within the group. 

The owner of the group told Vísir that no drugs were sold on “Littla vopna síðan” and any such activity would result in immediate expulsion from the group.

Senior Officer of the Metropolitan Police Investigative Department, Friðrik Smári Björgvinsson, would not confirm whether or not the group was under investigation.

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