From Iceland — General Public Cautioned To Watch Out For Rats

General Public Cautioned To Watch Out For Rats

Published June 10, 2014

Vermin in Reykjavík give the public a scare

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Edal Anton Lefterov

Vermin in Reykjavík give the public a scare

In the wake of recent sightings and attacks, residents of downtown Reykjavík are being advised to avoid rats they might spot.

Ómar F. Dabney, an exterminator who works in Reykjavík, told Vísir that while he knows of no cases of someone dying from a rat bite, people should still exercise the utmost caution.

“I encourage people, if they see these animals, to not come near them,” he told reporters. “This is because if you move towards them, try to pet them or pick them up, they will definitely bite you.”

This public advisory comes in the wake of recent rat-related events. Last month, a rat bit a teenaged boy when he and a friend attempted to catch it. More recently, a rat was spotted near Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool. Later that same day, a young girl named Ragnheiður Kolfinna Magnúsdóttir was bitten by a rat, telling Vísir, “I tried to crouch down and have a look at it. Then it came up and bit me. Watch out for rats, they can bite you.”

While it is impossible to estimate how many rats there may be in Reykjavík, the capital is a harbour town, where thousands of ships dock every year. If you spot a rat, do not attempt to approach or catch it – instead, call Reykajvík’s extermination service, who may be able to trap and dispose of the rat for you.

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