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Want To Erect 80 Windmills

Published May 29, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Pa°l Sørgaard (Windmills in Norway)

National power company Landsvirkjun are investigating the possible construction of 80 windmills on a 34 square kilometre plot of land in south Iceland, reports RÚV.

As reported, Landsvirkjun has been looking to expand its wind power resources. In December 2012, the power company raised two windmills in south Iceland, producing a combined total of 2 MW of power, to research the feasibility of wind power in Iceland. 

Believing conditions to be favourable, Landsvirkjun wish to move ahead by erecting 80 windmills, each between 70-80 metres tall, on public land. 

“We estimate that the area [where we want to erect the windmills] could generate upwards of 200 MW,” said Óli Grétar Blöndal Sveinsson, Executive Vice President of Landsvirkjun.

Óli told RÚV that although start up costs for windmills are more expensive than hydro-and geothermal plants they remain competitive as it is possible to erect 30 windmills with only a year’s notice. 

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