From Iceland — Rape Victim Calls Out Best Western Reykjavík On TripAdvisor

Rape Victim Calls Out Best Western Reykjavík On TripAdvisor

Published May 28, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Best Western Reykjavík Facebook Page

An American woman has described how the Best Western Hotel in Reykjavík failed her and her husband when they stayed there last December, by letting a strange man, who then raped her, into their hotel room. 

The couple, who shared their story with DV earlier this year, described how they were out on the town when they met a group of fellow Americans travellers and decided to share a drink with them. The pair believe they were then slipped Rohypnol, commonly known as the date rape drug, and taken back to their hotel by one of the men in the group. 

“When we got back to the hotel the man was holding me and asking the concierge to open the door to our hotel room, then he followed us in,” the woman told DV. “The next thing I remember was him raping me. I don’t remember much, just that he was raping me… The concierge at the hotel told me he’d probably been in our room for an hour or two but all I remember was five or ten minutes of it.” 

Although the pair filed a report with the Icelandic police, they were later informed by the American Embassy in Iceland that due to a lack of evidence they were unable to move forward with the case which was subsequently dropped. 

“The hotel has security cameras,” the woman writes in her TripAdvisor review. “We thought they would provide evidence to help us get justice – but no, the hotel manager informed us that their security system does not work at all. This hotel is not safe. They do not have the slightest regard for the safety of their guests. If they had, this nightmare would never have happened.”

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