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Rat Attack In Reykjavík

Published May 26, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Edal Anton Lefterov

A young man in Vesturbær was attacked by a rat yesterday, reports Vísir

Kolbeinn Egill Þrastarson, 15, came across the rat- which had been terrorising the residents of Melhagi of late – and mistaking it for a mouse decided to follow it down some basement stairs in an attempt to catch it.

“The rat jumped up and [bit me] and hung off my finger,” Kolbeinn said. “[Once it let go] it hissed at me and ran back up the stairs.”

Shortly thereafter Kolbeinn was joined by his friend Ómi Freyr and together they tracked and caught the rat in a box. 

Kolbeinn was taken to hospital where he was given a tetanus shot and put on antibiotics to fight an infection in the bite. 

The rat was handed over to animal control. 

The pictured rat is not the rat in question.

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