From Iceland — Goose Dyed Blue, Owner Furious

Goose Dyed Blue, Owner Furious

Published May 21, 2014

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Residents of the north Iceland village of Dalvík were angered to discover that a goose, named Goggur, was dyed blue by unknown assailants last Friday.

Vísir reports that Goggur has a long history with the village. The goose’s owner, Ólafur Hauksson, told reporters that his son brought home a goose egg last summer, which they cared for until it hatched. Naming the goose Goggur, she was taken to a nearby birdlife sanctuary where they hoped she could live her days in peace.

“Then we received news of a blue goose,” he said. “We found her, and discovered she had been sprayed.”

The goose has been cleaned well for the most part, although Ólafur says Goggur has been shaken by the experience. He will also have to consult a specialist to clean Goggur more thoroughly.

“I don’t know what happened,” he told reporters. “I can’t confirm what I’ve heard in town. But I don’t think it was kids who did this. You just can’t understand it, that’s the only thing I can say. It’s just naturally awful.” He added that he intends to remain calm until he finds out what happened.

Below you can see a video of post-painted Goggur, made by her owner:

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