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Horse Football Game Mag-Neigh-Ficent

Published April 7, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Sarah Pepin

Young riders performing in an equestrian show in Víðidal yesterday impressed the audience by playing a game of Horse Football, reports Vísir.

The show, Æskan og Hesturinn (Youth and the Horse), has been a staple of horse clubs in the capital area who work together each year to put on the show.

The main event this year was a game of Horse Football put on by the Horse Club Fákur. The kids in this club play horse football at least once per week, four to a team with a yoga ball in place of a football.

It has not been confirmed which team scored the most points though it is safe to say they are all whinniers in our book.

Iceland’s entry to Eurovision, Pollapönk made a special appearance and performed at the show as well.

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