From Iceland — Aurora Coin Takes a Dive

Aurora Coin Takes a Dive

Published March 30, 2014

The first five days of market activity for Auroracoin has seen a sharp drop in value.
Auroracoin takes a Dive

As can be seen, Auroracoin took a sharp plummet within its first days of trading, and appears to be continuing on a downward trend.

One of the creators behind Auroracoin, Baldur Friggjar Odinsson, speaking with Vísir on the subject, attributed the crash to people getting used to new technology.

“It took people time to learn how to use emails and the internet,” he said. “But this technology is [today] all around us and simple to use. It will also be like this with with cryptocurrency.”

Programmer and technology expert Smári McCarthy expressed a different perspective on the matter, saying, “To be honest I don’t have much faith that Auroracoin will take off. People are interested in this and want to learn more. This will of course bring about more experiments, which is always good. That’s how we learn.”

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