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Weird Girls Crowdsourcing New Episode

Published March 26, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Óskar Hallgrímsson

Artist Kitty Von Sometime is trying to crowdfund the next Weird Girls episode via Icelandic crowdsourcing site Karolina Fund.

Recently, the body-positive Weird Girls project has gained popularity and successful financing in Europe and as far away as China but the latest episode will be filmed in Iceland where the project was first developed and created.

Attempts to fund this project, which Kitty has spent 2 years trying to get in place have lead the creator to crowdfunding.

“I have had some sponsorship on food, and some equipment for this piece. All crew are volunteering their time. The women are also putting some funds in,” Kitty said but that will not cover all the costs.

The amount of money in the Karolina Fund target would allow around 25 women to take part in the next Weird Girls episode. Any additional funding above the target will be used to allow for more women to participate.

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