From Iceland — Illegal To Scatter Ashes At Þingvellir

Illegal To Scatter Ashes At Þingvellir

Published February 24, 2014

If you were thinking of having your ashes scattered at Þingvellir National Park, think again.

Vísir reports that the Þingvellir Committee has received a number of requests from people who want their or their loved one’s ashes scattered across Þingvellir, or Þingvallavatn Lake.

In the committee’s legal opinion, they have no power to grant these requests even if they wanted to. By Icelandic law, it is illegal to scatter human ashes over land or still water. In order for the requests to be fulfilled, the law would have to be changed.

Reporters who contacted the committee found out that both foreigners and Icelanders alike have made these requests. It is the final opinion of the committee that the requests cannot be granted.

As the language of the law specifies “still water” or lakes (stöðuvötn), it could be possible that scattering ashes over a river, or out to sea in Icelandic waters, might be legal. More information where that is concerned to come.

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