From Iceland — Taxi Driver Exacts Facebook Revenge For Unpaid Fare

Taxi Driver Exacts Facebook Revenge For Unpaid Fare

Published January 20, 2014

A taxi driver has exacted revenge for an unpaid fare with the use of Facebook. The young man, who had bolted before paying, had used either the taxi driver’s phone or laptop and forgotten to sign out of his Facebook account before fleeing, reports DV.
Disappointed by the young man’s actions the taxi driver decided to highjack the young man’s account by posting the following Facebook status:

“I became a common thief and liar tonight when I ran out on a taxi fare of 5000 ISK! I was crazy enough to log in on Facebook [using the taxi drivers device] and forget to log out! Yes, this is the taxi driver. [The young man] also did not realise that there is a video camera in the taxi.
I challenge you to pay the fare by noon this coming Monday or I will press charges. Running out on a taxi fare is cowardly! Not least when you waste an added 30 minutes of my working time by lying and saying you will get the money, only to run off like a chicken!
Details are in your inbox.
The Taxi you ripped off”

The young man has apologised for his actions and promises to make up for his mistake.

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